Ealing Common Society

ealing common society


The Ealing Common Society

The Ealing Common Society was founded in 1991 to foster, preserve and protect the facilities, amenities and fabric of the open space of Ealing Common.

Membership of the Society is open to all who have an interest in the Common. This ancient and much cherished piece of land is bordered with horse chestnut trees, added by the Victorian Borough Architect, Charles Jones. Ablaze with daffodils in the Spring, the Common is a joy to behold in every season.

What does the Ealing Common Society do?

  1. The Society works to improve the Common through practical projects. We’ve planted hundreds of daffodils and other bulbs as well as mulberry trees.
  1. We raise awareness about the Common and act to protect and develop its facilities and fabric. We’re in constant contact with Councillors, Park Rangers and others to ensure that the Common is a pleasant, well managed and safe place for everyone to enjoy. We’ve successfully campaigned for new and more litter bins, for better protection from damage caused by events, for better lighting along and across the Common, for plants and flowers to conceal the derelict public conveniences near the station.
  1. We organise activities for members and the general public. Daffodil plantings have been community efforts involving young and old. The Common and the buildings overlooking it have an enormously rich history and every September the Society participates in the Open House London Weekend by organising a walking tour of Ealing Common.
  1. We keep members in touch and informed with an annual Newsletter, produced in the Autumn and through the Annual General Meeting of the Society in the Spring. The AGM is an opportunity to learn more about the Common and to socialise. A speaker is invited and the refreshments are always enjoyed.

We also run an annual guided walk, exploring the Common and its local architecture, as part of the Open Spaces festival in September.

Please help us continue our work, by joining the Ealing Common Society for only £5 per household per year. Please email the Membership Secretary for details